Happy NextWave Riders

Nicolas quickly took the lead over our group of c-suite leaders in a very smooth and natural way that would respect and empower the group. This contributed significantly to the objective we were after, which was pretty crucial for the company at the time. With full confidence and trust in his capacities nicolas was 100% efficient in his role : inspiring our strategy and putting words on it. All this by giving air time and a specific role to each of us, integrating each of us even more. we were all set to execute.
— Patrick Groff, Chief Operations Officer @ Zeens
Nico is incredibly perceptive. In a short intervention he is able to identify a team’s blocking point and help them overcome it together. Having worked with him in various settings and subjects, including storytelling, web presence, branding and pitching, I can attest to his ability to adapt and maintain an exceptional standard of quality at the same time.
— Sarah McRae, entrepreneurial coordinator @ PLACEnetwork