Why they loved their NextWave experience


Co-constructing dedicated workshops to achieve a lasting impact

"I am 200 % sure that the workshops would not have had such lasting impact without the NextWave people. This was also a unique occasion to empower some of our people, who had the opportunity to co-construct one of the workshops. We would not have attained this level of cohesion, impact and outcomes without the tools and approach provided by NextWave."

— Fanny Sollier, Marketing & Communication @ Keen Eye

Anne-Lou Cabarat

stepping out of the office to get productive with a new perspective

“The simple fact of travelling elsewhere, completely changing your environment, changing countries etc, clearly that is something to be done ! We put together solutions that spoke to all, on which we got more buy in from everyone. And it is great to know that it is something that will actually be implemented over the next 3 months.”

— Anne-Lou Cabarat, Branding & Comms Manager @ Seekube

Marc Lamarche ppi.jpg

Leveraging exceptional coaching

“The coaching you get is always spot on, whether for the surf or the business, you can actually draw parallels : Going from situation assessment to resolution, it is a fluid and seamless process where you get to find your way in an uncertain context. In the process you learn to better manage your energy and resources while developing humility, resilience and excellence. Managing a startup and surfing have quite a lot in common.”

— Marc Lamarche, CEO @ SmartWall.AI

Sarah McRae.png

addressing blockers and getting creative

“Nico is incredibly perceptive. In a short intervention he is able to identify a team’s blocking point and help them overcome it together. Having worked with him in various settings and subjects, including storytelling, web presence, branding and pitching, I can attest to his ability to adapt and maintain an exceptional standard of quality at the same time.”

— Sarah McRae, entrepreneurial coordinator @ PLACEnetwork

Patrick Groff.png

Setting up for success

“Nicolas quickly took the lead over our group of c-suite leaders in a very smooth and natural way that would respect and empower the group. This contributed significantly to the objective we were after, which was pretty crucial for the company at the time. With full confidence and trust in his capacities Nicolas was 100% efficient in his role : inspiring our strategy and putting words on it. All this by giving air time and a specific role to everyone, integrating each of us even more. We were all set to execute.”

— Patrick Groff, Chief Operations Officer @ Zeens / Presstalis